Amsterdam Clinics Sport Lab

For professional athletes, talented sports juniors, and amateur sportsmen and women, Amsterdam Clinics has created a unique tailored-made year-round program that includes measurements, monitoring and prevention, Injuries and Rehabilitation and Sport Massage. Our team, which has considerable experience of treating top athletes and sports professionals in the Netherlands, can prevent you from suffering injuries, while enhancing your performance.


– Measurement

The goal of this program is to identify weak points in movement patterns and address these with corrective exercises. Depending on the outcome of screening, our specialists will propose prevention programs such as muscle stretching, strengthening and improving coordination.

A physical examination will focus on:

  • Joint stability and mobility
  • Muscle length and strength
  • Functional stability and movement
  • Dissociation of movement.

– Monitoring & Prevention

The objective of our prevention program is to address the weak points identified during measurements in order to define customized physiotherapy and training programs. These allow both professional athletes and amateur sportsmen and women to meet their fitness and performance goals.

The measurements and prevention program is designed to:

  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Improve the quality of movement pattern
  • Create a baseline for improving performance levels.