Back on track is designed specially to assist injured players, by helping them to get back to field not just as fast as possible but as fit as possible too.

Zero “Esabat” program is structured for non-injured but weak players whom tend to get injured easily and frequently, while also aiming to kick-up their performance a notch by taking care of their body first and protecting it from recurrent injuries.

To the MAX is purely tailored for professional athletes whom are ready to use their maximum potentials and boost-up their ultimate performance in order to stay on top of their game throughout their sports career.

This is the most important stage because once you’re on top of your game you would never want to go down, so the toughest part of being a champion is to uphold your physical and technical performance, Which this program will help you maintain.

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One of the most important specialized sports medical screenings which is based upon physical screening and athletic rehabilitation in order to:

  1. stand on the player physical condition before / after and during the sports season, and through a comprehensive and clear evaluation measured through a scoring system which illustrates the strong points  and the week points in all areas of the body, and it tests the following:
    • Joint Stability
    • Joint Mobility
    • Muscle Length
    • Muscle Strength
    • Functional Stability
    • Functional Movement
    • Ability of Dissociation of Movement
  2.  Reduces the frequency of the injuries rate of the athletes to be able to get back to field (if injury occurred) in the least time and as efficient as possible, according to the records of the statistics of the UEFA Champions League, which states the decrease in the proportion of PSV Eindhoven club (the Dutch team Cup champion Netherlands 2015) in injuries over the last ten seasons to 0% and this is a recognition to the efforts that has been made by our medical team and physical therapy team.
  3. Assist clubs and managements to assess the status of all the new players’ fitness before buying or selling (transition season).
  4. Assess the youngsters to realize the best utilization of them in the first teams of their clubs.
  5. Assist trainers to know the physical condition of their players to employ their abilities properly and efficiently.
  6. Develop a plan to improve the performance of the player in accordance with the requirements of the game or sport that they practice.
  7. Reduce the percentage of absences from training and important games which is proportional to reducing the risk of injuries of the player and the team.


Based on the results of the measurements and the evaluation scores obtained by the player, a specialized treatment and training sessions is constructed for:

  • Treatment of the weak points currently existing.
  • Maintaining and strengthening the strong points.
  • Preventing an injury that can currently occur.
  • A clear improvement of scores in the following measurements session which ensures an improved physical state of the player.

This Program is implemented in both:

  • Indoors: Treatment sessions with the physiotherapists will be taken inside Amsterdam Clinics.
  • Outdoors: Sessions held in the sports hall of each sport to guide the player in the rehabilitation process with customized programs to get back on track in the very short possible time.


A custom athletic nutritional schedule constructed by a dietitian for each athlete depending on his intake of the sport he plays, including:

  • Consultation sessions.
  • Report and diet menus.
  • Weekly measurements of weight.