Our Team

Thea Sijbesma
Thea SijbesmaSt. Anna Orthopedic surgeon
Medical Manager of surgical department St. Anna hospital. Member of concilium orthopaedicum. Hip and knee arthroplasty, including hip revisions, sports injuries, complex knee ligament surgery, pediatric orthopedic. Experienced of 10587 surgeries.
Dirk Das
Dirk DasSt. Anna Orthopedic surgeon
Arthroplasty, revision arthroplasty, foot and ankle, trauma. Experienced of 2644 surgeries.
Rogier van Drumpt
Rogier van DrumptSt. Anna Orthopedic surgeon
Arthroplasty, revision surgery, foot and ankle surgery. Experienced of 8943 surgeries.
Rob Bogie
Rob BogieSt. Anna Orthopedic surgeon
Arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery, shoulder athroplasty. Experienced of 1671 surgeries.
Henk Hoekstra
Henk HoekstraSt. Anna Orthopedic surgeon
Total joint replacement, revision surgery, knee arthroscopy, open shoulder surgery. Experienced of 13720 surgeries.
Renee Houwer
Renee HouwerPhysiotherapist
Jared Miller
Jared Millerphysiotherapist
Mirjam Van Zoelen
Mirjam Van Zoelen Physiotherapist.