Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

If you have COPD, then your lungs are damaged, and you get less oxygen. With chronic bronchitis, the branches of the large windpipe (the bronchi) are always slightly inflamed. They will therefore produce more mucus. They also become thicker and stiffer. With emphysema, the wall of more and more lung vesicles is damaged. They then no longer participate in breathing. This process cannot be stopped. More and more lung vesicles are breaking. A cold, a respiratory infection, or an irritating air (smoke and exhaust gases) make COPD worse.

Signs & Symptoms

Typical symptoms of COPD are shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, giving up mucus and recurring infections, eventually leading to fatigue, muscle weakness and weight loss.
With starting COPD, you mainly suffer from heavy physical exertion, such as cycling against the wind or running. If the COPD worsens, you will become anxious about climbing stairs and a brisk walk. Severe COPD has major limitations, at home and at work. COPD patients can also suffer from psychosocial problems such as depression, anxiety, and social isolation.
Amsterdam Clinics program is run by a team of professional physiotherapists who are specially trained to treat people with lung disease. You will be given the individual one-on-one treatment you deserve, while our therapists teach you how to live and breathe better. You will learn breathing techniques to help you increase your lung capacity, exercises to increase strength and endurance, and you will learn tricks for conserving energy so that you can do the things you want to do and live life to the FULLEST!
COPD rehabilitation is designed to help you overcome your breathlessness and feel stronger and healthier. We now know that respiratory disease affects the muscles as well as the lungs. By training and strengthening these muscles we CAN improve your quality of life and your ability to exercise!
Furthermore, the program includes a nutritional plan and nutritional coaching to support you and provide you with the necessary tools to reach the optimum healthy lifestyle.

Your Care Path will include:

  • Full assessment & screening by our qualified team.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis
  • Second opinion from a Dutch expert.
  • A treatment plan supervised by the Dutch experts.
  • A prevention program to avoid complications.