Performance Management

In the Netherlands, to start the season or engage in sports activity, it is essential to have a full detailed medical and physical checkup report with screening and physical measurements.

Amsterdam Clinics Sports Medicine Centre of Expertise is the first Dutch highly specialized unit in providing performance management through different programs, in addition to nutrition and mental coaching to professional sports elite and potential talented juniors, children, amateurs, and seniors performing sports.

Based on the measurements’ outcomes, an integrated report will be shared, and the performance customized program will be discussed with the player and the technical staff to fit within one of the following 4 categories (Bronze, Silver, and Gold & Platinum).

Performance ManagementBack on track program is designed specifically to assist and support injured athletes to help them get back to field, not only as fast as possible but also as fit as possible.
Zero InjuriesZero “Esabat” program is structured for non-injured but weak players who tend to get injured easily and frequently, while also aiming to kick-up their performance a notch by taking care of their body in the first place and protecting it from recurrent injuries.
To the MAXTo the MAX is purely tailored for professional athletes who are ready to use their maximum potentials and boost-up their ultimate performance in order to stay on top of their game throughout their sports career.
ChampionThis is the most important stage because once you’re on top of your game you would never want to go down, so the toughest part of being a champion is to uphold your physical and technical performance, which we will help you maintain.

Mental coaching

The aim of mental coaching is to help athletes and teams overcome negative mindsets and beliefs and use mental toughness training skills and peak performance strategies to perform well.