Talent Identification & Development

Amsterdam Clinics has introduced a unique Talent Identification and Development program, based on the Dutch nationwide applied system, in cooperation with the top medical and sport institutes and experts in the Netherlands.

This scientific based approach supports all children to develop their basic movement skills to grow up as healthy and active adults and prevent them from injuries, in addition to identify talents and best suitable sport, and create greater chance to reach top sports levels.

Program Content:

  • Tests and exercises to identify levels and sports preferences
  • Differentiated physical activity and exercise program
  • Development of basic motor skills
  • Referral to appropriate sports
  • Talent development program
  • Athletic program
  • Top athletic program

Through different tools and platforms, we can identify and remedy deficiencies in basic movement skills as early as five years old. At the age of 7, the system allows the identification of appropriate sport for each child based on his/her physical ability, his preferences and his areas of excellence.

This unique approach is based on skills and talents development rather than relying on selection criteria that may be very limiting.

Amsterdam Clinics is providing a tailor-made program to ensure healthy growth and better performance as well as support all the way to the top.