Corporate Programs

Our prime purpose with corporate clients is to prevent injuries and improve performance at work. We arrange annual checkups and develop customized training programs that pay for themselves through reduced sickness times and creating happier, healthier employees. For example, we have introduced a healthcare plan that successfully managed back pain among housekeeping staff at a major hotel chain. We have also organized half-day health assessments at leading multinational companies operating across the Middle East.

Our corporate programs include the following services:

If your employees suffer from back, shoulder or neck pain, a proper layout and setup of the workplace is essential to prevent these musculoskeletal symptoms.
The purpose of a workplace investigation is to optimize working conditions. The physiotherapist carries out a survey which consists of the following components:

  • An interview with the employee
  • Posture assessment (Electromyography measurement)
  • Advice on workplace layout and setup
  • Training to deal with current symptoms and/or to prevent future conditions
  • Reporting to the supervisor or the HR department.

Our report includes ergonomic advice, for example improved chairs, mouse position, keyboards, speech recognition to avoid repetitive strain injuries, and safe lifting techniques. Sometimes minor ergonomic adjustments can make a world of difference.

Benefits of the Program

  • Cutting costs by reducing absenteeism
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving employability.

Education and Training
The Amsterdam Clinics approach consists of:

  • Individual instruction and group training
  • Group education with supporting material
  • Interactive dynamic training in the workplace
  • Evaluation
  • Train-of-Trainer

Health Workshops
Health workshops cost little time but can be very effective. They are easy to fit into a work meeting or team meeting. For example:

  • Workplace ergonomics
  • Safe ways to use the back, neck, and shoulders
  • How to safely lift heavy objects
  • Preventing and dealing with stress
  • Lifestyle: exercise, smoking cessation.

Corporate Healthcare Profile

Preventing injuries and improving performance at work needs deep investigation into the corporate history. Repetitive injuries, common diseases, or improper work settings may reveal the root cause of work problems and employees’ dissatisfaction.

Amsterdam Clinics specialists dig deep to uncover the chronic causes behind the low or unsatisfactory performance of the employees to take you back to the top through the following steps:

Assessment: Investigating the corporate history in terms of number and type of injuries, which departments; no. of surgeries, diagnosis, X-rays, and lab investigations; sick leave percentage; chronic diseases and obesity percentage. The work setting is also revised to complete the picture.

Analysis: Assessment results are analyzed by our qualified specialists, sent to our Dutch partners for a second opinion. The diagnosis is then formulated in a comprehensive report including the remedial plan.

Remedial plan: The solution to the corporate problems will be provided in a comprehensive manner. Employees’ health and work problems, inadequate work behaviors, and improper work environment will be addressed, through medical check-ups and treatments, training and education, and the application of right ergonomics.