Every professional athlete and sports player need measurements to be in the know of his/her physical condition before, after and during the sports season. We provide a comprehensive assessment using a scoring system which illustrates the strong points and the weak points in all areas of the body.

These measurements have indispensable benefits including:

  • Reducing the percentage of injuries for players to reach the best level of the player and the team in the minimum time lapse.
  • Assisting clubs in assessing the physical condition of players prior to purchase or sale time (transfer season).
  • Evaluating young players to determine their potential input to the first teams.
  • Informing coaches on the physical condition of their players to utilize their capabilities in a correct and effective manner.
  • Developing a plan to improve the player’s performance according to the requirements of the game or the type of sports.
  • Reducing the percentage of absence from training and important games.

Based on the measurements a customized plan is developed to optimize performance.
Measurements are only meaningful if repeated during and off-season to monitor the progress and prepare for the next take-off.

Measurements include the following:

  • Sport Medical Tests and Check up
    • Basic Sports Medical Examination
    • Basic Plus Sports Medical Examination
    • Major Sports Medical Examination
    • Extensive sports medical examination
  • Physical in-door and out-door assessments
    Physical assessments are essential to identify the player’s overall condition and the appropriateness of the type of sport.
  • Gait Analysis
    The better your biomechanics, the higher your level of performance will be and the better you will be at avoiding injuries.
  • Nutrition assessment
    One of the important conditions for a healthy and fit body is good basic sports nutrition. In addition, the right nutrition at the right time ensures a better and faster recovery after exercise, so that you can increase performance and fully enjoy your next day training.
  • Mental assessment
    Performance deficiency can be nothing but a mental state. Our mental coach will guide you to remove mental blocks impairing your performance and your best You.