Geriatrics Program

The aging process can cause problems such as osteoporosis, poor gait, and walking difficulties, falls, malnutrition, and arthritis. If a patient is bedridden, this can lead to bed sores. But elderly people do not need to stay at home or lie in bed; they can, and have the right to, continue living a healthy life.
Amsterdam Clinics physiotherapy helps improve and maintain elderly people in good health, as it helps increase the mobility and flexibility of joints, improves balance and coordination, strengthens overall fitness, teaches the right way to walk, and educates on healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the program includes a nutritional plan and nutritional coaching to support you and provide you with the necessary tools to reach the optimum healthy lifestyle.

Your Care Path will include:

  • Full assessment & screening by our qualified team.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis
  • Second opinion from a Dutch expert.
  • A treatment plan supervised by the Dutch experts.
  • A prevention program to avoid complications.