Our Core Values

A new perspective to local healthcare

Amsterdam Clinics is here to put Your Health in Your Hands, with a safe, trustworthy and sustainable Dutch quality care. We understand your healthcare situation and meet your unique needs. All our professionals – from reception to medical staff – will receive our guests with the utmost hospitality and accompany them through their care path to recovery and prevention and beyond all the way to the optimum healthy lifestyle, with open mind and heart, and total transparency in terms of why, how and where we want to reach, according to their goals and preferences.

A wholistic approach

We believe that the human body is one entity consisting of interrelated systems that have to be addressed in an integrative manner. This conviction led us to build personalized care paths for every individual through medical experts and centres of expertise specialized in the different yet interrelated fields, such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, nutrition, in addition to sports medicine and women’s health.

Dutch care quality standard

According to the European Union’s Health Consumer Index, the Netherlands has the number one medical healthcare system. Amsterdam Clinics is built on the Dutch evidence-based practices and guidelines, with a commitment to the proven high-quality concepts which led the Dutch health care system to the top.

Patient-focused culture

Quality healthcare is a basic right for everyone. We welcome each and every guest with the same consistent hospitality, regardless of age, gender or social standing, offering the best medical care, assistance and moral support. We encourage everyone to exercise their right and strongly call for the best care.

Long term relationships

We are a true healthcare partner, putting you in the best hands and giving you access to the tools and information you need actively participate in your healthcare journey. Our care does not end at our front door. We build and maintain a professional relationship with our guests, local fellows and partners. We also build an ever-learning culture allowing a flow of educational information between all stakeholders through structured satisfaction surveys and continuous feedback. This will help us achieve continuous improvements in line with our strong belief that “Quality is a journey; perfection is the destination”.