Sports Medicine

There is a science behind the long success story of the Netherlands in the field of sports and Olympic games. To ensure sustainability, a nationwide system has been put in place for the support of athletes, early detection of talents, and to ensure a continuous stream of sports pioneers. The system includes a wide variety of specialists in every field relating to or supporting sports, athletes, and athletes to-be. It is a comprehensive system consisting of measurements, performance, injury treatment, injury prevention, nutrition, and mental coaching.

Amsterdam Clinics brings this unique Dutch system to your doorstep!

Sport Medicine Centre of Expertise consists of a team of experts who have extensive knowledge and skills when it comes to sports and movement. Our highly qualified experts include sports medicine physician, orthopedic specialist, sport medicine physiotherapist, movement scientist, performance physiotherapist, nutrition specialist, mental coaching specialist. They will provide you with measurements with orthopedic screening; gait analysis; sports nutrition; performance improvement guidance and mental coaching, and second opinion from our Dutch experts.

Our sports medicine physicians, orthopedic specialists, sport medicine physiotherapists are always there to handle sports injuries, from diagnosis through treatment to recovery and prevention from injury recurrence.

This unique approach with our unique team will support you throughout your athletic journey to reach out to your maximum potential in your specific sport. Furthermore, our team will run a program especially designed for Talent Identification and Development.