Clinical Nutrition

There is a famous saying that “You are what you eat”.

Food is the fuel of your body. Research shows that dietary habits influence disease risk. While certain foods may trigger chronic health conditions, others offer strong medicinal and protective qualities. Thus, many people argue that food is medicine. Yet, diet alone cannot and should not replace medicine in all circumstances.

Amsterdam Clinics is undertaking the mission of spreading the healthy eating culture, targeting the following groups:

  • Chronic disease patients, such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension
  • People who need to lose/gain weight
  • Aging adults seeking a healthy lifestyle
  • Elderly people
  • Women (pregnant, lactating, post-menopause)
  • Children
  • Athletes, sports professionals and amateurs.

Our team will perform the necessary nutrition assessment and help you attain and maintain optimal metabolic outcomes through:

  • maintaining general good health
  • better management of your blood glucose levels
  • achieving target blood lipid (fat) levels
  • maintaining a healthy blood pressure
  • maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Addressing individual nutritional needs taking into consideration personal and cultural preferences and lifestyles while respecting the individual’s wishes and willingness to change.

Sports nutrition is the foundation of athletic success. It is a well-designed nutrition plan that allows active adults and athletes to perform at their best. It supplies the right food, energy, nutrients, and fluids to keep the body well hydrated and functioning at peak levels.

A (sports) nutritional advice depends on the training program that the person is following, the personal circumstances, the individual and the goal. This means that you always get tailor-made advice from our sports nutrition specialist, because we believe that only personalized advice can effectively improve a person’s training, competition program and lifestyle.