Our mission

At Amsterdam Clinics everyone can count on Dutch protocol and evidence based care in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and prevention. Our care is based on the latest insights and research in high-quality healthcare, ensuring that each guest receives the best sustainable care available, anytime, anywhere, in the most effective and efficient way.

A new perspective to local Dutch care

Our care stands for safe, trustworthy and sustainable care. All our professionals – from reception till medical – treat all our guests with the utmost hospitality. We listen to each of our guest, open minded. Every treatment is transparent: our guests know why, how and the goals – totally in line with their goals, their wishes. It’s a joint commitment: Amsterdam Clinics is here for you with Your Health in Your Hands.

Long term relationships

Our care doesn’t end at our front door. We build and maintain a professional relationship with our guests, local fellows and partners. We inform and we let ourselves be informed by each of our guests and stakeholders.
Quality is never finished, we aim always for the best. That’s why we measure structurally the satisfaction of our quests and continuously take feedback in improving our services. We communicate and perform follow ups, also after discharge.

Dutch quality standard of care

Amsterdam Clinics’ care is based om evidence based practice and Dutch guidelines. All we do comes from the latest insights and research, using the proven high-quality concepts that have made the Dutch healthcare system effective. The Netherlands are number one in medical health care, according to the European Union’s European Health Consumer Index.