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At Amsterdam Clinics reception receives our guests with high levels of professionalism in a friendly manner. Our receptionists are ready to offer all information needed in a clear, calm and understandable way to all our customers. They also undergo continuous specific training and evaluation to ensure that our visitors are properly welcomed.

Reception Amsterdam Clinics Alexandria
Phone: +20 (3) 422 6200/2 | Mobile: +20 1021055271/2/3

Reception Amsterdam Clinics Cairo, Thawrastreet
Phone: +20 (2) 24170624 | Mobile: +20 1021055273

Reception Amsterdam Clinics Cairo, Petrosport
Mobile: +20 1021055274

Reception  Amsterdam Clinics Saudi Arabia, Riyadh
Mobile: +96 6507099523

E-mail: info@amsterdamclinics.com

Medical team

Each location of Amsterdam Clinics’ has a highly professional and dedicated medical team that consists of one orthopedic specialist, a medical nutritionist and physiotherapists. As multidisciplinairy team they all strive for the best tailored quality care for and with each of our individual guest. Our medical professional & physical therapist are trained and certified according to the Dutch standard also supervised by a Dutch medical team.


Every doctor and specialist want to be able to offer their patients the best available quality care. Employers want to take good care of their employees and offer them access to providers of the best quality healthcare. Amsterdam Clinics is honored to think and work with you on this.

Our prime purpose with corporate clients is to prevent injury and improve performance at work. We arrange annual checkups and develop customized training programs that pay for themselves through reduced sickness times and happier, healthier employees. For example, we have introduced a health care plan that successfully managed back pain among housekeeping staff at a major hotel chain. We also organize half-day health assessments at leading multinational companies operating across the Middle East.

Therefore we would like to invite you to contact one of our sales experts to discuss your ambitions and needs.


Amsterdam Clinics strives for the greatest possible transparency and clear communication. That is why we also provide interviews. You are also welcome to watch with us and possibly make video or audio recordings. Due to the privacy of our patients and visitors, there are conditions attached to this.

Press contact

Do you, as an editor or journalist, want to know more about the Amsterdam Clinics, do you want to conduct an interview, watch or make video or audio recordings in our clinics? Then contact the Communication department, which can be reached from Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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