Rehabilitation Program

Pre and Post-operative Rehabilitation

Effective pre-operative rehab is very important before surgery, as it can help you maintain muscle power and flexibility, keep your joint mobilized, improve the results of surgery and ensure fewer complications. You will also receive good advice about what to do (and what not to do) on the first day after surgery. This is the first step in your journey to getting back to normal.

Post-operative rehab is key to successful surgery. It starts in the hospital when you are given exercises to prevent post-operative complications such as chest infection and deep vein thrombosis, and to improve your range of motion. Once you are out of hospital, you will be given programs of exercises that gradually enforce and intensify mobility, flexibility, and function.


Elderly people do not need to stay at home or lie in bed. At Amsterdam Clinics, the physiotherapy team offers programs to help the elderly continue living a healthy life. The aging process can cause problems such as osteoporosis, poor gait, and walking difficulties, falls, malnutrition, and arthritis. If a patient is bedridden, this can lead to bed sores. Physiotherapy helps improve and maintain elderly people in good health, as it helps increase the mobility and flexibility of joints, improves balance and coordination, strengthens overall fitness, and teaches the right way to walk.


COPD Rehabilitation is designed to help you overcome your breathlessness and feel stronger and healthier. We now know that respiratory disease affects the muscles as well as the lungs. By training and strengthening these muscles we CAN improve your quality of life and your ability to exercise!

Our program is run by a team of Physiotherapists professionals who are specially trained to treat people with lung disease. You will be given the individual one-on-one treatment you deserve, while our therapists teach you how to live and breathe better. You’ll learn breathing techniques to help you increase your lung capacity, exercises to increase strength and endurance, and you’ll learn tricks for conserving energy so you can do the things you want to do and live life to the FULLEST!


Chronic diseases such as diabetes cause long-term complications that can prove fatal. Diseases such as diabetes cause nephropathy, polyneuropathy and diabetic foot can affect heart functioning.

Physiotherapy provides you with exercise programs that can help you manage such diseases from the start as they help you control your blood sugar, your cardiac output, and your peripheral resistance in order to prevent complications. This may even save your life.